About The Company

Founded in 1980, Tamarack Landscaping began mowing lawns for local homes in the Nashua area. Over the years the company expanded and took on more and more challenges from irrigation systems to the skilled hardscapes that define Tamarack today. Over the past three decades Tamarack and our passionate team have never stopped striving to improve the products and services offered.

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For thirty years Tamarack Landscaping has been helping customers realize their outdoor living dreams. We provide clients with the necessary equipment, materials and expertise to successfully reach their vision. Our passion is helping our customers create spaces that are one of a kind.

Tamarack Landscaping strives to EXCEED your expectations. Our group of design/build experts work with you from concept to completion. We pride ourselves on our strong and lasting client relationships.The two most important values for us are the customer always comes first, and extremely close attention to detail second. No project is successful without strict adherence to these standards of quality and service.

Grow with us this season! Let Tamarack Landscaping provide you that outdoor space you've always dreamed of. Spend more time outside, and make this season one to remember with Tamarack Landscaping!

Dave Ferris - Owner

tamarack landscaping owner dave ferris

A Nashua native, Dave began his career in landscaping when he was a teenager mowing lawns for local families. Dave remained true to his dream and his passion paid off as his small lawn mowing service evolved with the Nashua community, into what is now the full service, design/build, Tamarack Landscaping. Over the years Dave has always challenged the company to question their methods, improving and expanding their skills and taking on more difficult projects.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than exceeding expectations and creating spaces that will be the setting for family memories for decades to come. I've been fortunate enough in the past 30 years to build not only some great outdoor spaces, but many close friendships along the way. To me, that is the greatest reward of all!

Today Tamarack is known throughout New Hampshire for their quality of work, their ingenuity in creating unique solutions in challenging environments, and for their lasting client relationships. Keeping with the original spirit of the company, Dave has always made the customer his number one priority. Email Dave today to discuss any projects you might have in mind.